"I am not a wacko," said Deborah Perez, who yesterday called a news conference to announce that her dad was the Zodiac Killer. But circumstantial evidence proves she is, at minimum, surrounded by wackos.

So Deborah Perez is a 47 year-old real estate agent who suddenly comes forward and says that her dad was a world famous serial killer, and that she even went along with him on some killings.

She said the killings were not all random. The Zodiac killer is blamed for at least five slayings. "Some were methodically planned by my father," she said, adding that he knew some of his victims. She also said she accompanied him as a 7-year-old on a few killings and wrote the Zodiac letter that was sent to Melvin Belli, the late flamboyant trial lawyer.

Okay fine, but please explain this: "Perez said she realized her father was the Zodiac killer when she saw a police drawing of the suspect on television in 2007." Were the murder ride-alongs and the Zodiac-style letter-writing not sufficient enough tips? Those pieces of evidence had to marinate for 30 years before their significance became apparent?

Also Perez's "team," as it were, is composed of characters that the LA press corps, at least, believes are nuts. One is Kevin McLean, a disbarred lawyer who was Belli's partner:

During the 20-minute meeting with reporters and Zodiac buffs, Perez appeared somber and sad, as befitting someone who had discovered her beloved father was a serial killer.
McLean appeared delighted.
"We have what we believe are [the murder victim's] glasses!" he exclaimed gleefully.

Perez is also working with a publicist described as someone who "says" he dated Anna Nicole Smith. Mmm hmm. The wacko vibes are strong, in this place.
[LAT. Pic: SF Chronicle]