Desirée Rogers is the White House's "cultural liaison." The George W. Bush donor focuses on the slice of culture involving pricey fashion lines and Four Seasons lunches with sellers of $35,000 commodes. Now this:

"We have the best brand on earth - the Obama brand," she tells WSJ.'s Amy Chozick. "Our possibilities are endless." She likens her approach to that of Dove in expanding beyond a bar of soap.

So, president = dumb floating bar of soap, whose handlers might someday turn him into something more useful and marketable like maybe hand cream or BODY WASH. That should go over well in homes that take the Wall Street Journal.

Also, Rogers okayed one of the worst photo ops ever, until Robert Gibbs got wind of it and stepped in to protect the president, the White House and the future of sustainable agriculture itself. Women's Wear Daily again:

During the WSJ. shoot with Marc Hom, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs vetoed a shot of Rogers in an Oscar de la Renta ballgown in the First Lady's garden...

Looks like Rogers is using her Harvard MBA about as effectively as the last guy to preside over the White House.

[Field Guide: Desirée Rogers]