Oh no! There's a site which tricks you into handing over your personal information for its own nefarious, moneymaking schemes! It's called Facebook. Oh, also, people are all upset because FBstarter.com is stealing their passwords.

Facebook is the target of new phishing scams, which attempt to trick users to logging into FBaction.net and FBstarter.com, thereby handing over their passwords. (If you got taken in, don't feel bad — so did notorious social media fameball Rex Sorgatz!) Here's a screenshot of the scam in action, via The Next Web:

But wait, isn't that exactly what Facebook is trying to do on sites like Digg and The Insider and Gawker? Its Facebook Connect program is designed to let people use their Facebook logins on other websites. And the only way Facebook will ever make money is by getting users to share every last moment of their life. If the Facebookers were really doing their jobs, their users wouldn't have any private information left for phishers to steal.