The callous infidelity of formerly relevant politician John Edwards lingers: cheating on his wife, a cancer survivor, and then lying about it. Now she's having her say. Could she make her husband look any worse?

Yes. In her new book, Resilience, Elizabeth, who is once again ill with cancer, this time terminally, makes John out to be an easy mark for Rielle Hunter, the mistress with whom he's said to have fathered a love child. (He still denies paternity.) He also kept lying to her after he confessed, she writes. Here's the Daily News's summary:

Hunter initially seduced Edwards using a worn come-on line, Elizabeth writes:
"You are so hot," Hunter told him outside a swank New York hotel. The campaign ultimately paid Hunter $114,000 to produce a batch of short films on his candidacy.
She lashes out at Hunter, now 45, whose name she never actually uses in the book, as a parasitic groupie who invaded the Edwardses' life.
Her own life may be tragic, she concludes, but Hunter's is "pathetic."
Even when Edwards confessed to his wife, he lied, claiming he had slipped up just once, Elizabeth writes. His original version of the story "left most of the truth out," she writes.

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