Sean Penn and Rihanna are in the midst of breakups; Elizabeth Edwards is reflecting on her awful near breakup and Kelly McGillis found out she's lesbian after two marriages.

  • Film star Kelly McGillis confirmed she's lesbian, as long rumored. It must have been Tom Cruise's unquestioned heterosexuality that really sold those Top Gun love scenes, then. [Daily Mail]
  • Sean Penn is separating from his wife Rob Wright Penn. For the second time. So presumably he won't have to remember to forget to thank in her in his Oscar speech ever again. [P6]
  • Elizabeth Edwards writes in her new book she cried, screamed and threw up when John Edwards confessed cheating on her. Maybe because she knew she'd have to coax the full truth out of him: Edwards originally "left most of the truth out" and said he'd only slipped up once. Good thing those days of lying about tabloid allegations are completely behind him! [Daily News]
  • Rihanna's dad thinks the singer is completely over apparently abusive ex Chris Brown. "Chris sounds like old news to me," he told Us Weekly (in print only, it would seem). [Scoop]
  • "Pansexual" cad Neal Boulton entered rehab after finding out he has liver cirrhosis. Apparently giving up booze on his own didn't work out for the former Genre editor.
  • Police detectives and social services visited Nadya "Octo-Mom" Suleman after the fourth complaint against her, this time for possible child neglect and endangerment. Suleman said some teacher saw a black eye one of her kids and just, you know, flipped out. All reactionary and nanny state like. GOD. [Us]