Remember Mikey Weinstein, the guy fighting radical evangelical Christians in the military? Here is a trenchant political cartoon his organization received on Monday.

A "Curt Thompson" sent this presumably self-assembled cartoon to Weinstein, at his Military Religious Freedom Foundation address, without additional context.

The MRFF, continuing to solidify their position as our favorite foundation made up entirely of people we are kind of scared of, had this to say in response:

Mr. Thompson,

Thanks for your cartoon submission to MRFF, depicting a person, possibly intended to represent a person of Jewish faith (Mr. Weinstein?) urinating on the Constitution. At least, that is what you appear to be trying to convey - difficult to say with that level of draftsmanship.

If you had bothered to read the MRFF's mission statement and were able to comprehend it (let alone the Constitution), you would be aware that contrary to your cartoon's apparent intended message, the MRFF supports the Constitutional divide between church and state that has existed from the time it was drafted, and specializes in supporting the right of servicemen and women of all faiths or none to be protected from undue influence (particularly from superiors acting under the color of authority) in matters of conscience and faith. In fact, 96% of MRFF's current cases are self-professed Christians, with mainstream Protestants in the main, followed by Catholics and other Christian denominations. The other 4% comprise Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and a Sikh, as well as Pagans of various types, and agnostics and atheists.

It might also interest you to know that the largely volunteer staff of MRFF, in addition to Mr. Weinstein, consists of people of all faiths and no faith. Most are veterans, including Mr. Weinstein, (who was FYI an honor graduate of the USAF Academy who has 130 years combined military service in his family, as well as service in the Reagan administration, and elsewhere). Some of us with combat, including close personal ground combat, as in my case. (USMC [Ret], served in RVN 1967-68, Khe Sanh, Hue, and elsewhere.)

I will at least give you credit for signing your anti-Semitic screed. Most of the misspelled, poorly punctuated dreck we receive is of much lower caliber than even yours, and is unsigned, as most of the people who are engaged in these practices are far too cowardly to sign their names or give valid contact information. (Of course, that is understandable since most are indubitably physical and moral cowards, and most of what they send us is legally actionable under a number of criminal and civil laws. I think yours is probably protected as "free speech" - albeit hate speech - but our legal people will be looking at that aspect of it.)

I am not of Jewish stock myself, BTW. I am of Celtic ancestry. Other MRFF volunteers and supporters are of various ethnic backgrounds. So next time you take a crack at us (hopefully after you have completed further courses in basic drawing skills), please remember to include the rest of us as well in your ethnic slurs. For example, you could draw me with red hair and a kilt and bagpipes! Since many of Scoto-Irish heritage have large noses, you wouldn't have to change the nose much.

Normally, when dealing with sane, rational individuals, I try to represent what we are doing in more measured terms, but when I encounter obvious neo-Nazis, crypto-fascists, or KKK members, etc., I don't really bother with the niceties, because it only encourages the bastards, and is an exercise in futility, as only reasonable people can be reasoned with. As Twain once wrote; "Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig." I do hope you aren't too annoyed - I know I am at wasting this much time on you. However, if your lobotomy ever heals, and you really want to support the Constitution (although with your obvious lack of understanding or respect for it, I don't see that as likely), please get in touch for an adult and rational conversation - something you are obviously incapable of at present.

Very Sincerely,

F. J. Taylor
USMC (Ret.)

So yes, between this sort of thing and the defection of Specter (did you know there is only one Jewish Republican congressman left?) it is kind of amazing how quickly the far-right has just dropped all pretenses and is openly being all antisemitic again. It seems like just yesterday that they were pretending to be concerned that Obama would nuke Israel or something!