The Mexican Swine Flu outbreak and it subsequent media coverage: what does renowned Life Stylist Blair French have to say about it? Enough to issue an ill-advised press release, astoundingly!

This PR communique is so multifaceted in its outstandingness that we need to take it in sections. Shall we?

When issuing a press release, it's important to "hook" the journalists right at the beginning. This one does it by raising unspoken questions in the mind of the recipient: Who is that crazy lady with her hand on her chin? Why would I care what she has to say? And, most intriguingly, why the scare quotes around "Magical?" Are drugs involved? Possibly!

The news reports coming out of Mexico City are downright scary this week, as more than 100 deaths in the country are being investigated as possibly tied to the swine influenza virus outbreak that's gripping North America
Reports of the illness in Mexico come at a tough time for the country's tourism industry, which is already reeling with negative publicity about drug cartel fueled violence.
But renowned Life Stylist Blair French (, a New Yorker who has lived in the beautiful and charming town of San Miguel de Allende-about three hours north of Mexico City—for two years, says it's time to take a "siesta" on the negativity and turn it into a "fiesta" for a lifestyle you can't find anywhere else.

Textbook execution here: Open with a hot story currently in the news; Give some facts to establish the angle; then introduce a totally superfluous and unimportant person with no expertise on the subject who can rhyme words "en Espanol." Just how they teach it.

The multi-faceted dynamo attests that despite the health scare and reports on the drug cartels, Mexico is 99.9 percent safer for Americans than living in the U.S. She believes the media has used these news items to fashion a misleading portrayal of Mexico as a third world country.
"The government has taken measures in preventing the further spread of the Swine Flu by administering antiviral drugs to the population," she says. "I'm sure that Mexico will overcome this and is fully aware of what needs to be done to protect its citizens."

Multi-faceted dynamo?! Tell me more! [...] Okay, stop. Stop telling me.

French, who in her business blends all aspects of a person's life together – health, fitness, food, fashion, entertainment and décor – helps create a lifestyle for someone that is uniquely one's own. She also does catering and event planning and loves to learn about other countries and cultures.
Corroborating French's optimism is Dr. Julio Frenk, the former Mexican national health minister and new dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. Explaining that Mexico had built up substantial supplies of antiviral medication, he believes the outbreak will be brought under control because of the integrated network of specialists in the U.S., Canada and the WHO.

Corroborating our suspicion that Life Stylist Blair French and her PR team may both indulge in hallucinogenic drugs while composing press releases was US President Barack Obama, who today spoke in favor of "...common sense."