In your confuseday Tuesday Wednesday media column: Newspapers crumble, Clear Channel layoffs, total confusion in Wisconsin, and the NY Sun is just messing around:

Shitty newspaper news roundup: Layoffs at the Baltimore Sun, the NYT's union agrees to its inevitable pay cut, and Berkeley can't seem to get its shit together enough to hire a J-school dean even though, let's face it, that is a sweet sweet gig.

And don't forget the radio industry! Clear Channel is laying off almost 600 people. Hopefully, the people who pick the music played by Clear Channel stations.

One college reporter in Wisconsin triumphs over the school's football coach (every college reporter's dream), but then here is another story out of Wisconsin titled "Students flock to journalism school despite tanking news industry," so who knows whether Wisconsin journalism students are in their right minds or not?

Why just yesterday we saw that the dead NY Sun was putting content on its website again, and here comes Michael Calderone with the SCOOP straight from the mouth of the horse (former NY Sun ed. Seth Lipsky): "a business plan for the site is still in formation," he added, "these are just some very, very early bulbs of spring (or late winter)." There you have it: they're just bloggers.