Don't despair, laid-off media types: you could still land this magazine editorial job. You'll never guess how much it pays:

Freelance Features Editor Position (unpaid)
Job/Internship type:
Company/Publication Name:
Monroe Magazine
New York, NY

Monroe Magazine, a new fashion, music and entertainment based magazine, is
seeking a Features editor with at least 2-3 years of writing experience.
This person must be able to commit at least 4 days a week - 25-30 hours a
week - and must have a reliable computer to work with and a fast response
time for all follow ups, e-mails and phone calls.

Responsibilities Include:
- Generate article ideas with editorial interns and staff.
- Oversee and manage all editorial interns, freelance editorial staff and
commissioned writers.
- Edit, revising and proofreading articles and stories.
- Researching new and upcoming short story fiction and nonfiction
Posted 4/28/09
To be considered please submit a cover letter, resume, 3-4 writing samples and story idea proposals. Also include a list of your top 3 magazines and why you like them, and your preferred topics of writing interest. Email and put "Features Editor" in the subject line.

Good to know there are still volunteer opportunities out there. Also, go to hell, Monroe Magazine.
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