It's been 12 days since the story of hipster grifter Kari Ferrell swept the world, and here's an amazing thing: she's vanished! Here's a more amazing thing: she's still in NYC!

Even though the police back in Utah have vowed to extradite Kari back there on her outstanding warrants if they can find her, the last actual sighting we got was from just after her story broke in the Observer.

In fact, Salt Lake City PD Det. Evans writes that the Hipster Grifter trail has gone cold: "All of a sudden it seems no one knows where she is."

Well, not no one. Professional ruckus raiser Bucky Turco of Animal NY just hung out with her this past weekend. From this, we can determine the following things:

1. She's still in NYC. Probably still in Brooklyn.
2. She's not laying particularly low.
3. Despite this, nobody has spotted her; or if they have, nobody who's spotted her has cared enough about the story to tell any of the many, many prestigious media outlets (us) who would care about a Kari sighting.

What is she, MAGIC? Hey people, if you see the person pictured below, why not drop us an email? No reason to let a good unintentional microcelebrity go to waste.