At the Tribeca screening of wretched-sounding horror flick Tell-Tale, some lady in the back started shrieking, interrupting the screening and angering an agent. Why was the rude lady yelling? Her husband was having a seizure.

Friday's premiere of Tell Tale, which stars Josh Lucas as a man hunting for the guy who murdered the person whose heart he just had transplanted into himself (yes), was interrupted right in the middle of the ultra-violent, climactic torture-porn sequence. Though some people thought the whole incident was a publicity hoax, when people realized that the man was not well, an ambulance was called and the lights came up. So the director, Michael Cuesta, was upset, sure, but an agent from Endeavor was spotted going apeshit.

The audience was told the final five minutes would be shown as soon as the man was tended to, but most people started filing out, getting a good look, a witness tells Gawker, at Dawn Saltzman bellowing into her phone, seemingly irate that something as small as a man suddenly passing out in a crowded theater would stop something as insanely important as a horror movie screening. At least, I guess, she had her client's (and her) interests right up there at number one.