You can always tell how kinky a Republican is by how vociferously they condemn whatever they secretly love, which maybe is why Andrea Peyser is writing about violent teen sex now.

Just look at this paragraph:

The latest addition to the well-stocked smut canon is aimed not at adults, but at impressionable teens and pre-adolescents. It's called "Castration Celebration" — a kind of "High School Musical" meets "Saw." Gross.

Dead giveway word. Ted Haggard: "Hot gay sex and crystal meth. Uh, Gross." So anyhow Andrea goes on to condemn this teen novel about teen sex and castrations although she goes out of her way to quote a portion which include the words "testicles," "penis," and "scrotum." But look, Andrea Peyser is not naive about teen sex. Not naive at all. She knows all about it:

Believe me, I'm not so naive as to think kids don't engage in some of the acts listed here: Sex. Gay sex. Drunken sex. Stoned sex. Angry sex. Unprotected sex. Sex, real or imagined, with farm animals. Baaa!