If you don't love the crazy pun-based Snickers ad campaign blanketing the city right now and you want to be friends with me, you can "Nougetaboutit".

I am not at the beach today like a regular person, so instead I'm staring out my window at the Pledge Sigma Nougat billboard over the Williamsburg Bridge (not pictured). I don't actually eat candy bars, because I am an adult with access to fresh fruits and vegetables who understands consequences, but these lunatic posters and taxi ads kinda want to make me develop diabetes. I know it's cliche to wonder "who are the ad wizards that came up with this one," but seriously I think these dudes are wizards and they cast a spell of +3 I Want That Job over me. Some favorites:

Climb Mt. Foodji
Administer the Chocodote
Dunk on Patrick Chewing
Take a Field Trip to the Peanutarium
You've Got Caramail Is Such a Good Movie
The French Invented Rococoa
Neil LaBute's The Snicker Man

Those last few aren't real and are definitely terrible, but let's be honest they are not that far off.