Famous actor Kevin Spacey is going to prison! To... interview criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff. For an upcoming film. A film that sounds just weird.

According to Nikki Finke, Spacey and George Hickenlooper are visiting Abramoff right now. "The story is described to me as a modern day GoodFellas set in Washington DC." Ugh.

I'm told that Kevin Spacey is set to star as Jack Abramoff, Hayden Christensen will play Abramoff's closest associate Mike Scanlon, Spencer Garrett (Public Enemies) will play Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and Arrested Development star David Cross will play Abramoff crony Adam Kidan. The production is also in talks with Tea Leoni as Abramoff's wife.

Ok, sure! Kevin Spacey and Tea Leoni as Jack and Pam, can't you just see it?

If there's one part Kevin Spacey was born to play, it's an incredibly self-pitying, whiny sociopath. It's no surprise that Abramoff agreed to meet with the actor: he has a pathological obsession with portraying himself as a tragic figure to anyone who'll listen. And he loves the movie business!

Spacey has always conducted extensive research for his roles. In preparation for his role in Beyond the Sea, he went insane. (Watch that clip. It is child Bobby Darin singing to old Bobby Darin, who just died, on stage.)