Here's Bill O'Reilly, correcting in-house libtard Alan Colmes' ludicrous assertion that Richard Nixon shook hands with Mao Zedong, so it's OK for Barack Obama to give Hugo Chavez a handjob. Nixon never touched Mao.

"I don't want to confuse you," O'Reilly told Colmes, who was like, "OK."

If you know anything about the O'Reilly Factor host, you can see where this is going: Nixon totally shook Mao's hand, on the same historic, initial trip where he similarly greeted Zhou Enlai.

Not only that, but Nixon quoted Mao in a toast to the Chinese tyrant, during an endless communist orgy:

As the People's Liberation Army band played such American favorites as "America the Beautiful" and "Home on the Range," course after course was followed by seemingly endless rounds of toasts. "‘Seize the hour! Seize the day!'" Nixon quoted from Mao, raising his glass to his Chinese hosts.

The president was trying to visibly embrace Chinese leaders to atone for a previous snub against them by John Foster Dulles, who had refused Zhou's hand in Geneva in 1954.

O'Reilly is expected to explain away his petulant ignorance of history by making even more things up, hilariously, probably involving Gerald Ford punching Brezhnev in the face.