Are you enamored with the fast-forward capabilities of your futuristic 'Tivo' device—but sad that you're missing all those commercials? Tivo has figured out a way to implant ads over skipped ads. Technology is wonderful.

The kindly folks at Tivo have already made it possible for Americans to order pizza directly from their televisions; why not order other, more expensive products as well? Fat and happy, that's what America is all about!

So Tivo is now selling ads that appear when you pause and fast-forward shows, ensuring that there is not one second of your television experience that is advertisement-free!

"What we love about it is, if you think about it, the remote control and DVRs have really been a marketer's worst nightmare," said Anne Jensen, brand-building director at Unilever. "What we're doing with ITV is we're actually making the remote control our friend."

Time to go play outside.
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