What happened on Larry King Live last night? Why was Larry panting over and fondling Levi Johnston's tattoo? What was with the creepy "sheep sex in the woods" undertones?

How did Sarah Palin "know" about Johnston's sweaty teen sex with her daughter Bristol? Did they just straight leave the door open? And why did passive, mumbly Levi turn into, for a flash, the swaggering reincarnation of Elvis Presley when he said "all teens, or most of them, are sexually active?"

You can watch the highlights reel at left and try to make sense of this bizarre, queasy-making scene for yourself.

Also, Levi said abstinence is stupid, Bristol is stuck up and he's going after the Palins, in court. Predictably. (The court thing was via his mom and/or sister, but whatever.)

In the end he came across as just kind of reluctant and overwhelmed and very ready for his 15 minutes, as the internet hecklers called it, to be up. (So he can get back to "sheep hunting." Heh.)