The media's had a good half day now to find out more about David Kellerman, the Freddie Mac CFO who committed suicide early this morning. He hung himself. The "job stress" scenario is looking plausible:

Some neighbors told The A.P. that Mr. Kellermann had lost a noticeable amount of weight under the strain of the job, and some said they suggested to him he should quit to avoid the stress. Mr. Kellermann was also involved in recent tense conversations with the company's federal regulator over its public disclosures.

Of course, this could be looking plausible because reporters have been running around all day asking everyone who knew him if he was stressed from his job. He was busy dealing with an SEC investigation and trying to help his company dig itself out from under billions of dollars worth of mortgage losses, so stress is likely. One former colleague said "He worked himself into a frazzle."

On top of that, he reportedly hired a private security firm recently after reporters came to his house to ask him about his $850K bonus, the type of thing that's been causing lots of populist outrage lately. But he did have a wacky side, by CFO standards:

Mr. Kellermann also was known for his humor. A colleague said he sometimes showed up at work in bow ties or loud plaid pants and liked to joke about his attire.