A former Apollo astronaut says that aliens have visited Earth! He's just a well-known lone nut, you say? Well what about this NEW PLANET they found right next door, hmmm?

The astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, has been talking about UFOs and aliens and Roswell Incidents and government coverups and ESP and "remote healing" since like forever, so who cares what he says at some UFO conference? CNN does!

NASA denied it all, of course, but hey NASA, try to deny this: a new planet just like ours!

European astronomers said Tuesday that they had discovered the smallest planet yet found orbiting another star. The planet could be as little as only 1.9 times as massive as the Earth and belongs to a dim red star known as Gliese 581, which lies about 20 light-years from Earth in the constellation Libra.

Yes, the liberal New York Times says the planet is "surely blasted with too much radiation and heat to be livable."

But is it? PROVE IT.