Good morning! Bill Kristol will receive $250,000 for being an asshole who is always wrong this June.

Kristol, the dumb son of a smart conservative who went crazy, is a lazy thinker, a terrible writer, and, as we mentioned, he has always been completely wrong about everything.

So because there is essentially an extensive and quite well-funded private welfare fund for hacks who get everything wrong, the Bradley Foundation is going to straight-up give him $250,000 for no fucking reason.

"Through the Bradley Prizes, we recognize individuals like William Kristol who have made outstanding contributions, in hopes that others will strive for excellence in their respective fields," said Mr. Grebe.

AHEM. The Bradley Foundation, obviously, is a conservative foundation that exists to give money to people who just really don't need or deserve it.

So, you know, how's your Wednesday going?