A world famous evolutionary biologist writing for America's most prestigious magazine can get away with calling New Guinea tribe members murderers and rapist. But do not accuse them of stealing pigs. Now it's on:

Jared Diamond wrote a big ole article last year the the New Yorker about how dudes in a certain New Guinea tribe spend most of their time running around and warring and having blood feuds and, yes, stealing swine. Oh Jared Diamond, did you think that New Guinea tribesmen don't have New York lawyers?

A two-page complaint filed in New York State Supreme Court on April 20 seeks $10 million from the New Yorker's publisher, Advance Publications, claiming Diamond's story falsely accused Wemp and fellow tribesman Isum Mandigo of "serious criminal activity" and "murder."

Bonus actual quote from the plaintiff's legal adviser: "He has never killed anyone or raped a woman. He certainly has never stolen a pig." Pig-stealing in New Guinea is like corpse-fucking in New Jersey.