The editor of some Gannett paper issued a memo asking reporters to "reserve social networking... for your private time," since it's not like you can find sources on Facebook and Twitter.

The editor, not named, said spending "a lot of time" on Facebook on Twitter was inappropriate.

Employees quickly responded in the comments section of Gannett Blog. It turns out USA Today is among multiple other Gannett papers were reporters are being encouraged to spend more time on social networking — just the opposite of the anonymous editor's orders.

Company Vice President Tara Connell, meanwhile, seems to connect with plenty of co-workers using her Facebook account.

As one reporter put it, "Facebook is a modern day Rolodex."

Exactly, and if those infernal tele-phones had never been given out like candy to individual reporters, maybe newspapers would be in better shape today!

[Gannett Blog via Patrick LaForge]