Someone made a mean comment about Meghan McCain, saying (accurately) that she has never accomplished anything. She got mad and posted an expletive-ridden and atrociously spelled—and wrong!—resume on Twitter.

The screed is directed at an unnamed "fellow beast writer," which we take to mean someone who writes, as McCain does (incomprehensibly!), for the Daily Beast. In response to the suggestion that McCain has never done anything, she ticks off her accomplishments: tutoring kids at a church, delivering flowers to hospital patients, internships at Newsweek and Saturday Night Live, all the way up to "multi-award winning website, which is officially the first blog in history to document a presidential campaign."

Except for this one, called the "Official Kerry-Edwards Campaign Blog," from 2004.

Oh, Meghan. Here's her rant:

Who's the nasty mean man who got the whole thing started? Wonkette thinks it's ThinkProgress blogger Matthew Yglesias, who (accurately) wrote yesterday that McCain has "never accomplished anything or held a job," since Yglesias has written for the Daily Beast. Way to make a girl cry, Matt. Don't you know that the Beasties are all supposed to have each others' backs?

McCain took the rant down, probably because it was a lie.