This is what Rachel Kramer Bussel, a sex writer, argues on The Daily Beast today. Because, you know, David Karp touches other boys and, um, I Love You, Man came out. There's only one problem:

None of the dudes she uses as her primary examples of bisexuality being cool again actually fuck other dudes. Sure her friend's boyfriend might make out drunkenly at bars:

A friend of mine dated a guy who called himself straight, but often wound up doing things that belied his bisexuality (like drunkenly making out with men in bars). While he never owned up to it, she found this side of him sexy. "He wasn't the typical macho straight guy. Even though he wasn't totally truthful with me, I got off on it."

Which, you know, is cute and all. But he's going home and boffing the girl. Kramer Bussel's real point seems to be that there's an effeminization going on—in a good way!—that has allowed us to laugh at Paul Rudd's sorta gayness and chuckle at "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck." Which does make sense, but to bring the idea of bisexuality into the mix here seems like a gross overstatement. That would imply that actual knocking of boots was taking place between two fellows, and that certainly ain't happening in any of Kramer Bussel's examples.

So let's call it... um... bicontexuality. Or something. This is dumb.

Still it's always fun to bark up your own ass and invent new theories so you have something to speculate about on a slow Tuesday morning. So, carry on I guess.