If there's one thing that formaldehyde-preserved Post columnist Cindy Adams hates more than things that could not happen "only in New York," it's Poindexter politicos using big words. Like today: "Regulation"?!?! Okay, mumbledy-dumbledy!

Today Cindy takes fancy Washington guy Barney Frank down a peg. Speak English, Barn!

REP. Barney Frank's hand is out again. He writes that "collateralized debt obligation derivatives and credit de fault swaps at the center of this country's conservative ideology" begs a handout because: "Reaction to the disastrous consequences of an absence of regulation means we can do like Franklin Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson," who "adopted a set of economic rules to curtail abuses resulting from lack of regulation while maximizing society's ability to profit in an appropriate way." Huh?

Cindy Adams has never understood what "appropriate" means.

He talks of "encountering crass right-wing mendacity" due to "the mythology" of the "far right-wing ideology." And "failing to respond even to dishonest hyper-partisan" crapola is a mistake. So he needs "private sector innovation" and a few bucks to "stave off comprehensive financial regulation by blaming current economic troubles on Democratic efforts to provide social fairness."

"The mythology." What are we, Russian? We didn't spend our lives with our noses buried in a dictionary, unlike some people Cindy Adams could name (Barney Frank).

Listen, anybody who understands what the hell he's talking about should send him a few.

"Take money bad Rrrrrrrahhhhhh!" Cindy Adams responded drolly.