ABC News' Jake ("The Octogon") Tapper just can't keep all his tough-as-nails, ballsy, hard-hitting questions inside, so he's started interrupting his fellow reporters and posting about it on his blog IN BOLD.

At yesterday's White House press conference, the AP's Jennifer Loven asked White House press secretary Robert Gibbs why Barack Obama is only asking his cabinet secretaries to come up with $100 million in budget savings. Gibbs answered the question, and Loven tried to follow up but Tapper smelled big game! So he just talked over her and started badgering Gibbs about the budget, inserting himself into Loven's question like the true gentleman that he is.

Tapper puts his exchanges with Gibbs on his blog with his no-holds-barred take-no-prisoners questions in bold so his mouth-breathing wingnut readers will know who's who. He didn't want any of them to miss out on his hijacking of Loven's question, so he posted that yesterday, too: "I interjected in an exchange between White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and another reporter today, so I've included their exchange (with my interruption) as well as my own."

We should point out in fairness that, unlike many of Tapper's presser questions, the one he interrupted Loven with was actually reasonable. But he still asked it in a very dickish way, so Michelle Malkin's blog thanked him for it. There's a lesson here: Jennifer Loven asked Gibbs about the budget by waiting her turn and being courteous but insistent. No Michelle Malkin link. Tapper asked Gibbs about the budget by interrupting and being confrontational and a dick: Michelle Malkin link!

Get with the program, Loven.