This weekend, a bunch of lame kids saw a bunch of lame bands (and a couple good ones) out in the desert. We thought we'd try to figure out what the deal is with a little trip through Flickr.

Coachella! What is it, and why? It is like Burning Man for rich college kids who read Stereogum, maybe? We don't know. We don't get the kids these days. But it looks like everyone had a lot of absurdly expensive fun.

What a whimsical wonderland of hippie bullshit. ["coachella 2009 by bunnicula, on Flickr"]

M.I.A.'s light-up pants get a "pure ridiculousness" pass from us, actually. ["M.I.A. Ready To Pounce @ Coachella 2009 by Mick Ø, on Flickr"]

Pizza box-wearing "Frankie says KILL" bro here, though, gets no such pass. ["IMG_6989 by self-titledmag, on Flickr"]

We are pretty sure these are either "The Ting Tings" or "The Vivian Girls." ["IMG_4809 by youngthousands, on Flickr"]

Oh, look, the Girl Talk performance looked like the cold open of a CSI: Miami episode, right before a club-goer is MURDERED. ["Girl Talk balloon drop by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]

This is "Crazy Flag Guy at Peter Bjorn & John by Mick Ø, and maybe thinks "Peter," "Bjorn," and "John" are Mexican names? ["Crazy Flag Guy at Peter Bjorn & John @ Coachella 2009 by Mick Ø, on Flickr]

What is even stupider here is that the cart came with a little sign about how their tasteless, already out-of-date joke runs on ethanol. Along with a list of the "pros" and "cons" of using ethanol for your lame jokey art project. ["Amy Winehouse Ethanol Golf Cart by bunnicula, on Flickr"]

Oh, dude, you are wearing a damn Ozzfest shirt to this shit? What happened, did your BALLS FALL OFF last year? ["coachella ts by bunnicula, on Flickr"]

Whoo! ["Amanda Palmer - Coachella 2009 Day 2 by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]

Well, Jonah Hill's into it. ["IMG_6871 by self-titledmag, on Flickr"]

Tragically, on the last night, the entire festival was forcefully invaded and occupied by the combined forces of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Concert and a post-Janet Super Bowl halftime show. ["Paul McCartney @ Coachella 2009 by faithx5, on Flickr"]

You know, it's hard to believe Rudy's anti-gay marriage statements are that heartfelt when he releases pictures like these from his family vacations. [IMG_3960.JPG by IceCreamMan, on Flickr">]

"I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE TAKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY SERIOUSLY EITHER?" ["henry rollins by joshc, on Flickr"]

Vice, "Look at this Fucking Hipster," and Hipster Runoff are having a race, right now, to humiliate these girls with a funny caption while jerking off. ["IMG_6747 by self-titledmag, on Flickr"]

Look out, Freak Folkers: there are black people dangerously close to being onstage! ["Devendra Banhart - Coachella 2009 by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]

Whimsy! ["do lab by joshc, on Flickr"]

What? What on the dance floor? "OINLB"? ["IMG_3890.JPG by IceCreamMan, on Flickr"]

Is it Antony, Robert Smith, or Meatloaf starring in Beetlejuice: The Musical? ["The Cure — Coachella 2009 by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]

Ans: It is sad. ["the cure — robert smith by joshc, on Flickr"]

Oh, good, we were wondering where the art is. ["Coachella 2009 Art Map by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]

Still not very awesome. ["Hand of Man - Coachella 2009 by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]

"GINVS." It's "GINVS" on the dance floor. ["IMG_3889.JPG by IceCreamMan, on Flickr]

And then an awesome, natty old man showed up to play that song from the Watchmen sex scene. ["Leonard Cohen by vonlohmann, on Flickr"]