Oh Babs Walters. The View doyenne was once again discussing Twitter on her show this morning, and managed to copy Oprah by Twatting live on-air. In doing so, she managed to spell "virginity" wrong.

She spelled it "verginity," which is sad enough, but then it got even more disgraceful when her spelling was corrected by none other Elisabeth goddamned Hasselbeck, an old sneaker that Pat Roberston breathed life into one winter morning. So yeah, Barbara Walters doesn't know how to spell sex words. And Hasselbeck does. Sigh.

Walters also will probably cause Twitter to crash again just by featuring it on the show, and then Oprah will mention it again and it will crash a third time. And these two old ladies will continue yammering on about technology they don't understand until it topples over and doesn't exist anymore, which was their whole nefarious plan from the start. It's actually pretty genius. Old-lady-yap something you hate out of existence.

Though, Whoopi's been trying that on Hasselbeck for a year or so, and it's so far proven unsuccessful.