Bad news for Fox Atomic, good news for power-mad Ari Emmanuel. Bad news for people who are wise to Dan Brown's tomfoolery, and good news for those who aren't. Plus, the good/bad on pilot season.

After a string of smash successes like The Hills Have Eyes II, The Rocker, and Turistas, Fox has decided to shutter its genre label Fox Atomic. The two-year-old shingle has some higher-profile stuff like I Love You, Beth Cooper and Jennifer's Body set to bow this summer, but I guess it wasn't enough. Head exec Debbie Liebling will return to regular Fox, while the other Atomic suits are awaiting word of their fate. [Variety]

Oh dear. Columbia has begun pre-pre-production on The Lost Symbol the as-yet-unpublished Fear Street: For Religion! novel by hackity hack hack Dan Brown. So that's good. Angels & Demons hasn't even come out in theaters yet, but we can already predict that sweaty dollars will be exchanged hand over grubby fist. It's the only financial prediction that makes any damn sense anymore! [Variety]

Among the buzzed-about TV pilots for next season: Eastwick, Cougar Town, Happy Town, Flash Forward, and Human Target. Probably one of them will last past week three. [THR]

WMA and Endeavor have basically merged into one seething agency monster, with Ari Emmanuel likely to reign as CEO of the amalgamated war machine. [THR]

Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Columbus Short are all set to star in an action movie together. The sad, telling title? The Losers. [THR]

Not exactly from a trade, but: Richard Jenkins to play sexy-pex Brazilian opposite Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love? Heh. [P6]

Oh yikes. Sit Down, Shut Up, the new Fox animated series created by Mitch Hurwitz and starring the voice talents of many a funnyman (e.g. Wills Arnett and Forte) lost almost 25% of its Simpsons lead-in last night. Which, you know, the Simpsons lead-in isn't even that big to begin with these days. [THR]