Join Jason Calacanis' internet guide Mahalo and you can expect to work to exhaustion in a poorly-lit strip mall for barely more than San Francisco minimum wage. You'd be better off as Calacanis' waitress.

For all the Mahalo employment horror stories out there — the company boasts one of the 10 worst entry-level gigs in Silicon Valley — its founder can treat people well when he chooses to.

For example, the tech entrepreneur likes to brag about and flaunt his connection to celebrity Twitterers Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, who he advises, if only informally, on internet brand building.

Calacanis also has a soft spot for those who must wait on him hand and foot: Calacanis recently congratulated himself on Twitter for "giving 50-100% tips for the last couple of months. My wife called it the JCAL stimulus plan."

We're happy to see Calacanis pumping his blog riches into the economy one entrée at a time; if more of America's wealthy embrace this sort of conspicuous consumption once again, the recession will be over that much sooner. On the other hand, we might feel differently if we actually, you know, had to work for the guy in a non-servant capacity.