Well in the midst of all the hubbub in Williamsburg another huge internet sensation, Twitter, took some major steps this week: Twitaholic Ashton Kutcher hit a million followers. And now, Oprah's on board. Matrix time!

Last weekend's Morality Matrix was premised around the David Brook Philosophy 101 column about re-assessing moral value. This week we look at trendy micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher will serve as our polarizing avatars of highbrow and lowbrow. And we know within the democratized media-masses there's a thin line between the brilliance of sharing and the nausea of TMI-overshare. With those ground rules established we scatter-graphed some of this week's news to see what tweets and what twats.

Matrix design expertise provided by: Jeff Meininger