A confluence of localvore do-gooderism and desperate poverty is transforming America's suburbs into a Third World hellscape, because otherwise-normal people are raising chickens in their backyards.

It's all the rage, according to the AP. Suburban families who want farm-fresh eggs, free-range chicken meat, and a reliable source of protein after the coming societal collapse are maintaining flocks of their own chickens, in normal neighborhoods close to cities where regular people actually live. This is nice in the sense that it's always a good idea when people take responsibility for the food they consume and come to understand the bloody mechanics of the process. It's also terrifying in the sense that we are becoming Cuba.

[Backyard Chickens'] owner, Rob Ludlow of Pleasant Hill, Calif., attributes the increased interest in raising suburban chickens to three factors: their relative ease of care as pets; increased interest in getting food from humane, local sources; and a desire by some to produce their own food in tough economic times.

"With the way the economy is going, people like the idea they can have access to quality eggs and meat right from their backyard, if they need to," Ludlow said.

Purina Mills, which makes chicken feed, is seeing double-digit growth in its line of feed aimed at people who maintain small flocks for their own consumption.

Iron Age, here we come!