Ok. We'll try to make this one quick, but there is some background.

Michele Bachmann, crazy dumb suburban Minnesota baby-farmer and US Congresswoman, is basically a troll. She says whatever nonsense comes into her head, into microphones, and what comes into her head is usually right-wing conspiracies she read about in an email forward from your crazy uncle.

Back in 2006, six American Muslim imams were thrown off a US Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoneix because they were Muslim, and that scared everyone. They were all detained and questioned for hours, because, you know, scary Muslims! The Imams were in Minneapolis for a conference. The first Muslim US Congressman ever, Keith Ellison of Minneapolis, spoke at that conference.

So Michele Bachmann, in an interview with some radio station this week, insinuated that Keith Ellison, her fellow member of the Minnesota congressional delegation, was basically a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer, because the Imams (who, in her telling, are guilty of something by virtue of being a bunch of Muslims on a plane) were in Minneapolis for Ellison's election victory party. That is a lie. They were not.

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, replied Thursday that Bachmann was engaged in "psycho talk."

And here is the response, from Bachmann's crack staff:

Dave Dziock, a spokesman for Bachmann, said today, "whether the six imams were here for a victory party or a conference where he was a featured speaker, it doesn't change the premise of her comments."

Now it could be argued that Dave's statement makes no sense. But let us give him the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that, yes, whether the imams were in Minneapolis to celebrate Keith Ellison's victory or simply to go to a conference that Ellison happened to be speaking at doesn't really change the premise of Bachmann's comments, because the premise is offensive and moronic regardless.