Ashton Kutcher, we wish we could quit you. The model-actor-director-wantrepreneur has been racing CNN to attract a million followers on Twitter, and he barely won this morning. People are already suggesting the contest was rigged.

Guest of a Guest noticed that once you start "following" Kutcher's Twitter account — signing up to receive the 140-character messages he posts on the microblogging service — it's impossible to drop him. A test verified the failure. Click on the "Remove" button, and you get an error message:

Reloading the page, as Twitter suggests, does not solve the problem.

CNN's @cnnbrk account, meanwhile, allows followers to drop it without any issue:

It's hard to imagine this was anything but a bug. But it calls into question the legitimacy of Kutcher's victory. Which is surely the worst possible outcome for anyone who viewed the race with a wearied sigh: Now the limelight-addicted blowhard is going to race someone to 2 million followers.

(Photoillustration by Richard Blakeley)