The Republican Party continues to eat itself and Glenn Beck compares himself to Martin Luther King Jr. in one clip!

Charles Johnson is a hysterical right-wing Muslim-hating blogger who runs a site with a stupid name called Little Green Footballs. To his credit, he's been on an iconoclastic tear lately, calling out Glenn Beck for the conspiracy-addled nut that he is and repudiating "right-wing hyperventilating" about the Department of Homeland Security.

But Beck gets especially angry when fellow anti-Arab folk attack him, so he shot back on his show today by holding up a picture of MLK and saying:

I have a dream today. I have a dream that we can stop playing not just the blame the messenger game; I have a dream that we can stop playing the game of blame the messenger who's specifically saying the opposite message.

What does that mean?

Then Beck sums it up with, "What kind of crazy town are we living in?"

The one in your MIND, you big galoot, you.