A tipster has come through with the first solid intelligence on hipster grifter Kari Ferrell's whereabouts since news of her criminal exploits broke yesterday. She's allegedly still right here in Brooklyn!

From a local tipster this afternoon:

My friend is currently 'seeing' her. They were in the ER all day Monday and she told him that she had lung cancer that had spread to her liver and kidney. She later wrote an eloquent email about not wanting to fight anymore and she is just not as strong as everyone else. He's called the cops in SLC. She must have seen the article because she asked him if he reads any of 'those crazy ny newspapers'.

Gadzooks! The tipster tells us that her friend met Kari last Friday night at Barcade in Williamsburg, which is just so expected. The friend tried to convince Kari to check herself into Sloan-Kettering, but our tipster's not sure which hospital she ended up in. "They were supposed to go on a date last night but after he saw the Observer story he canceled." Now, he's already been in touch with the Utah police, who say they will extradite Kari Ferrell to stand trial for her assorted crimes if they can track her down.

And to refresh your memory: Kari has warrants out for her arrest in Salt Lake City relating to over $60,000 in forgery, theft, and bad checks. Almost without exception, everyone who's met her says she's charming in person—but they end up regretting they ever knew her, after the myriad bizarre lies and stealing and fraud and everything else. Vice pointed out that some acquaintances back home nicknamed her "The Filth" for burning them so bad. She's not just some random fameball; she's actually a pathological liar and a major thief. Go on, re-read Doree's story!

Our tipster suspects she may still be hanging around Crown Heights. If you know any more, email us.

And more on the story from Doree Shafrir at the NYO

Update: Another sighting! From yesterday:

Hey I definetely saw her yesterday in prospect heights at vanderbilt and park place. Spoke to sgt Ross [of the Salt Lake City PD] and gave him coordinates. Was with a lightly bearded guy, tattoo blazing. Had read the observer article 2 hrs earlier.