Kari Ferrell: pathological liar, con artist, hipster grifter, fugitive from justice. She left quite a trail. And we're on it! Today, we have pictures, video, and stories from ex-friends and (maybe) family.

This comment, purportedly from Kari's father, was left on the Delicate Condition blog:

I am Kari's father. She was adopted in Arizona from Korea when she was 5 months old and we later moved to Utah with my job. Kari was a very bright child probably too smart reading 7th grade level when she started first grade. She got everything she wanted as a child, when you adopt a child you want them to have everything. She was in gymnastics, band, t-ball and many other activities. She had a very spoiled upbringing. I have no idea how she turned out this way, but I hope she gets help and whatever treatment is needed. Kari if you're reading this turn yourself in. I love you.

Here, it's Kari's famous "I Love Beards" tat! [We got one tip that said, simply, "my friend grew a beard for her because it was her 'last dying wish' that he do so"]. A beard advocate from Bearduary tells us: "Kari shot a photo project at the Bearduary end party. Pretty much her hip tattoo next to a bunch of bearded faces. I do not think she ripped anyone off that night just shot her photos and left. Kari claimed that she had a coffee table book coming out through vice of those photos." Alas, this is the closest that book will come to fruition. This fine tipster also forwards this, an email he says Kari sent to him, which includes the infamous "hot dog down my hallway" phrase in its full contextual glory:

"I am looking for a boy to allow me to be his beard,
if you know what I mean. Basically, I need someone
to toss their hot dog down my hallway, while I sing
theme songs from syndicated television programs
from the late 70's, early 80's.
If you think you (or a friend) are up to the challenge, let's convene on the interwebs."

-Korean Abdul-Jabbar

"she told me she didn't have facebook but showed me her myspace page and her favorite group, which was pictures of rookie major league baseball players with mustaches," says the guy who sent in this picture. Poignant.

These photos are from Kari's Photobucket account, which is a treasure trove of her active lifestyle.

Finally, we'll call this Kari's film debut. This is a clip from Joshua Heller which is a "pilot" for "Mini Sex Cops," a show some dudes got drunk and came up with and then videotaped themselves talking about. Our hero appears at the 1:20 mark in the clip.

Mini Sex Cops from JoshuaHeller on Vimeo.