Apparently Ryan Adams lives in Los Angeles forever now? The whiny singer blames his departure from New York on a mean, vicious publication—That's not a filthy blog like the one you're reading: a newspaper.

Adams said in an interview with the book-industry publication Shelf Awareness that he tried, he really did, to love Gotham, but the city broke his heart. Or, more specifically, those sadists at the New York Times broke his heart:

I love, love, love donuts, skateboarding... Los Angeles...

I used to live in New York City for a long time. I fought like hell for the city when people left for Brooklyn and dumped every penny I could into the mission and the museums. I got shat on by the New York Times for long enough so I moved. I will always love David Letterman and 2nd Ave Deli forever.

Presumably the Times' description of the song "Sylvia Plath" as "lame" this past November was a sore point. And perhaps the rocker did not care to be called sometimes "overblown... an artist who does not believe strongly in self-editing" in a concert preview.

We don't want to make the whole "New York Media Hates Me" situation worse, so we'll just note without commentary that Adams also told Shelf Awareness that the book that changed his life was Roget's Thesaurus. Interesting.

It's also interesting that Adams said he writes because

It feels like the noble thing to do in a world of fake smiles, cowards and so, so many undocumented miracles if standing in the middle of parking lots and laughing for no reason was one.

Actually, Los Angeles takes its parking lots very seriously, and standing in the middle of one and cackling randomly is grounds for calling the cops, or worse. Come back home before it's too late, Adams.