Neil Cavuto has been at Sacramento's TEA PARTY protest for hours, and he thinks maybe the protesters were "playing to the media"!

Well, as far as we know, only Neil Cavuto of Fox News was even at the Sacramento rally, so they were probably just "playing" to him. (Glenn Beck, meanwhile, is at The Alamo, where his mic is hooked into the rally's PA system, because Fox is of course merely covering these grassroots protests like they'd cover any other protest. Oh, now he's hanging out with Ted Nugent. Soon they will be off the basement, to look for Glenn's bike.)

Shep Smith spent his hour talking about pirates, the economy, and other actual news, but even he had to go live to Neil in Sacramento. He was not interested in the rally so much as he was just delighted to have an excuse to make fun of how Susan Roesgen got yelled at after asking a TEA PARTIER what the hell he was actually protesting.