Let's say an angry pit bull has a Menace Factor of 10. But make it a Japanese DJ's dog facing off against a "Celebrity facialist's" Yorkie on the L.E.S., and the Menace is, like, three.

DJ Honda's killer pit bull is carving a swath of terror on the model-infested L.E.S., attacking all of the other designer dogs. Including Bebe, the yorkie owned by the lady who does the faces of Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz!


he said, 'Is it OK if Bebe says hello to the dogs?' " [DJ Honda co-dog owner] Lee said. "One of my babies said hello and then Bebe snapped and started growling. Then my baby bit her. If Bebe didn't start growling, my dog wouldn't have bit her."

Okay dogfighting is wrong, but this dog-cliche-ing is just inhuman. [NYP]