Two Elisabeths get cast in movies, a playwright and a theater actress walk into a pitch meeting with HBO... Law & Order: Sex Police will continue on in its sexy way.

Two of our mousiest quality-TV stars, Rose Byrne of Damages and Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men, have joined the cast of the Jonah Hill/Russell Brand comedy Get Him to the Greek. They'll play a pop star and Hill's girlfriend, respectively. Also joining the cast is Sean "Puffy-P Diddy Daddy" Combs, who will stretch his range to play a record company executive. [Variety] And lucky they all are to get those jobs, as everyone else in Hollywood is struggling to find work. From big time movie directors down to lowly waiters. Yes, the recession has finally killed joy. [Variety]

Remember when Elisabeth Shue played herself as a nurse who had quit acting in Hamlet 2? Yeah. Well, now she's signed on to star in Piranha 3D, a remake of the glorious 80's screamer about a small town sheriff (Shue!) trying to protect her beloved lake from tiny nibbling deadly fishes. I seem to remember there being a summer camp in the o.g. But don't worry, the guy who made The Hills Have Eyes remake (the one with mutant rape) will helm. [Variety] Breathe another sigh of relief! About rape! NBC's "hey look at that horrorshow of warmed-over human depravity" series Law & Order: SVU will be back for another season in the fall. Chris Meloni and Marisol Hargaminanny or whatever haven't signed on yet, but Ice-T is actually now just considered part of the set, so he'll definitely be there. And probably the bald dude too. And B.D. Wong! BeeeeDeeee!! And Tammy Tunes. All your favorites. Plus the raping. Lots of raping. [Variety]

Oh, theater people headed to TV. Playwright (and sometime L&O and NYPD Blue scribe) Theresa Rebeck is developing a project for HBO called Women's Studies, a series about a feminist type lady person who teaches at a small Northeast liberal arts fag college for fags and commies. Julie White will star if the crazy thing ever gets off the ground. [THR] Kristen Bell, who studied theater at NYU, has signed on to star in You Again, a comedy about a young woman who finds out that her brother is marrying the girl who tormented her in high school. Which is actually sort of a cute if gimmicky idea. Huh. [THR]