A newspaper's most basic function, one could argue, is to keep tabs on crime. For decades, New York newspapers have done this out of the "police shack," but the NYPD is now kicking them out.

The New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, Newsday and radio station 1010 WINS are the remaining news orgs to keep bureaus on the second floor of One Police Plaza, which helps when you're trying to cover the police department.

But the NYPD is building a new Joint Operations Center, and the space currently occupied by the media will have to be cleared by July, according to a memo from NYPD chief Ray Kelly:

But it's OK—there will be new space available for the media in 2013! Until then, reporters will have to make do from their newsrooms, until their newspapers go out of business, which will happen before 2013 anyway.