Everybody, even Ashley Dupre, thinks yoga is so great that they even make their dogs do it and stuff, but what about when the yoga instructor hypnotizes and molests your girlfriend in class? Oh it happens.

It happened in Seattle last October, allegedly. The happy couple was there in the yoga class BUT THEN:

The woman told police that while she was in the yoga position, the instructor came over to her and held her legs up. The report says the instructor was clicking something and saying "listen to your master, you must do whatever your master wants you to do." The man told police the instructor then knelt down and put his hands on the woman's stomach.

The report says students saw the instructor reach inside the woman's pants and grope her, before she passed out and urinated on herself. The man told police he believed the instructor was trying to hypnotize his fiancee.

That is not what all those people who signed up for "orgasmic meditation" were looking for. Needless to say everyone should stay away from yoga from now on and pursue more wholesome physiological activities. [Slog]