Good news, gays: David Paterson and Meghan McCain want you to have the right to marry! So any day now, you can look forward to equality.

GOP head Michael Steele, who accidentally supported gay rights before he was elected chairman of the RNC, declined to speak at the annual convention of the Log Cabin Republicans. So instead they got Meghan McCain, noted huge fatty and budding pundit. Meghan, as a person below 40 who was not raised by religious zealots, supports gay civil rights. But as her dad, and as the group she is to be speaking before, have learned, you have no future in the Republican party as a leader of any stripe if you believe gay people aren't gross hedonists who should really just be grateful we're letting them on our competitive singing programs now and not get greedy, rights-wise.

So. In addition to the convention on Friday, the Log Cabin Republicans are launching a marriage campaign here in New York next month! Just in time for Governor David Paterson to watch his gay marriage bill be beached on the shoals of the state senate!

In Albany, bills are not introduced until they have enough votes to actually pass, so that no one may ever hear any debate on them, which might make legislators look bad. Gay marriage passed the Assembly once before, and could do so again, but in the Senate, a couple assholes will make sure it stalls. Because, you know, we've all seen how Vermont and Iowa have completely gone to seed this month.

Anyway, in our experience, Log Cabin Republicans are a pretty fun group, so def hit up this conference. Meghan's totally single, guys, so it wouldn't even make you gay, to attend.