A porny pic of actor Marlon Brando with his lips locked on a male member has circulated in Hollywood for decades. So why is a Hollywood gossip blog so excited about seeing the dirty photo?

L.A. Rag Mag breathlessly reported how notorious Hollywood gay Alexis Arquette helped the blog purchase a copy of a photo showing Brando performing fellatio. His partner's identity is unclear, but people believe that the penis in question belonged to Wally Cox, Brando's longtime friend who shared a New York apartment with the actor.

An amazing discovery. Or should we say rediscovery? Or re-re-rediscovery?

Findadeath.com first published Brando's cock shot in 2004. That photo has resurfaced repeatedly since then, in part because of its publication in the 2005 book Brando Unzipped, which published a small version of the photo and reported that it came up in Brando's 1959 divorce proceedings with Anna Kashfi, his first wife. (According to the book, Brando acknowledged the photo's authenticity but described it as a "joke at a party.")

Is it real? Brando Unzipped maintains that it is.

This, by the way, is a photo from the book of the aptly named Mr. Cox.

Another piece of evidence: A snapshot allegedly taken of a framed print of the photo in the living room of French artists Pierre et Gilles.

And then there's L.A. Rag Mag's excitement over the photo. Sure, they could have made the whole story up and just republished a copy of the photo from the Internet. But the blog's excitement over their supposed find seems hard to feign. It's how rumors circulate these days: From the real world to books to the Internet, and back again, endlessly. Brando's cocksucker photo will never get old.