Zoolanderesque Philly fameball Arthur Kade has a problem: "I become so much better than everyone else that I get bored and stop focusing on the basics." That's just the beginning.

He only knows how to do life at "warp speed," like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan. Problematic!

Whether it is with work, women, or even partying, I can take it to a level that no one else can and dominate. One senior vice president at my old company called me a "living legend" when I participated in a national TV show. The only problem with that is that I become so much better than everyone else that I get bored and stop focusing on the basics, and begin to enjoy the rewards usually by finding new women to play with or countries to party in.

Ugh, and those women. Why can't they be realistic?

Why can't people understand their role in the world? There are some people who have the talent, looks, and charisma to make something special of their life, but the majority of people are average to above average. I refer to this group as "General Population". Sometimes with hard work and dedication, a person can overachieve and get to the highest level of a career or sport, but those are just outliers and are very rare. While out with Tony Starch and others throughout the night, we had conversations as to why certain girls don't get it, and have an undeserving entitlement mentality instead of working harder to land premium guys like us, especially in Philly.

As if it wasn't hard enough dealing with the bitches, Arthur has been cursed with too much acting talent:

I participated in a commercial workshop on Tuesday where my agent selected her top talent of all looks and ages, to get in front of two of the top casting agents in Philadelphia, and I nailed the read that they asked me to do. They worked with 10 of us for two hours, and at the end, we selected who was the best, and I tied for the win. I was the only one selected by the casting agent to do an extra read so that she could demonstrate how top level she could get me, and her husband told me in front of the class, "That was a very good read". It is great to show two experts my talent level, and my agent called me the next day and told me "They said you have a model look and tremendous talent; you're born for the spotlight". I could tell that they realized that the camera loves me, and one of the actors also commented "I could see the story he was telling". When I see that type of genuine reaction from professionals, I know I am born to do this.
My niche will be the dark, mysterious, anti-hero when I make it to starring in mainstream movies, and I believe that I will one day win an Oscar playing this type of character.

Here's the proof. You can see the dark, mysterious Comcast story he was telling. [Real pic of Kade's business card above, thanks to a tipster!]