Goldman Sachs is totally making money again, which means this: there's money to be made. Unless you work somewhere else in the economy, besides Goldman Sachs. Then, the news is not so good.

All that so called "bailout" money the government gave to Goldman to force them to survive this recession? They don't need it, thx! They decided to go ahead and pay it back by raising money in the "capital markets," a mythical place where there is money to be raised. Anyhow Goldman made $1.66 billion this past quarters, clearly with the aid of Satan, by using numerology. Things are looking up!

Or are they?? The bean counters have added up all the money that you, the consumers, spent last month, and guess what? You didn't spend that much at all. Way to help America, average consumers! Not only did you buy 24% fewer vehicles, you also went and heckled the nice people at the auto show.

Great work. You've given the dollar an inferiority complex. It's time to stick with the winners, not the whiners. This economy will not be saved until we all work at Goldman Sachs. (Except YOU, non-spending consumer. Reap what you sow.)
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