Is Eliot Spitzer already planning a political comeback? Or is that total bullshit speculation planted by enemies and lapped up by the thirsty press? Either way—that's crazy talk!

Page Six has anonymous sources saying Spitzer wants to try to make his comeback as New York attorney general if Andrew Cuomo runs for governor in the next election.

The sources say Spitzer, forever tarnished as Client No. 9 of a prostitution agency, expects Andrew Cuomo to run for governor next year, leaving open the AG job...

Noted one longtime observer, "The whole idea of returning to Albany is preposterous. You can't go home again. He's a pariah. It wasn't just the prostitutes — there was also Troopergate," the use of state troopers to spy on Republican leader Joe Bruno.

So! P6's sources are Republican operatives, apparently. Or just one of the thousands of powerful Spitzer enemies! (Roger Stone?) Even if this story were true, it's a non-starter. WTF is Spitzer's comeback plan this soon after his "career-ending" scandal? He'll ride the wave of populist resentment against Wall Street back into office? Not a bad thought, but forget it, dude. At least half of those populists who liked how Spitzer fucked with Wall Street are also religious moralists who'll never forgive him for fucking with hookers. Your scandal was bigger than the average affair, Eliot. You'll be back, oh yes! But you have a five year time out, minimum.
At least you have the real estate business.