It was one thing for John McCain to ignore Sarah Palin when he rattled off a list of Republican rising stars — "governors who are young and dynamic" — on the Tonight Show.

That snub, alone, was widely noted, at especially on Twitter, where McCain is very proud to be in the "top twits" list.

But if you listened right, it was easy to hear the former Republican presidential candidate compounding the insult when he added, "I've left out somebody's name and I'm going to hear about it."

You can read that at least two ways, perhaps by design: "I've left out someone in particular's name, on purpose" or "I've inevitably on accident left out someone's name, lord knows who, probably someone in a desolate flyover state, but please don't make a joke about my age and fading memory capacity, thanks."

Assuming that McCain hates his former running mate is actually the charitable answer that gives him the benefit of the doubt. That alternative is that he's already forgotten about the woman who ran at the bottom of his ticket like six months ago, poised to someday inherit the presidency.

Ya, he hates her.