Remember that up-and-coming young Republican who "wowed" the nation recently, on TV? Bobby Jindal? He scored a book deal. Which he's of course quickly ruining, by talking.

Ever the able salesman, the Louisiana governor is speaking bluntly about why he's hired a ghostwriter for the 2010 political memoir. He told the New Orleans Times Picayune it's 'cause he's, you know, lazy:

"This isn't something that will take a lot of my time, " he said...

"One of the reasons I'm doing this with a co-author is to make sure there's somebody else doing a lot of the heavy lifting, " Jindal said.

That "heavy lifting" will presumably include the book's "thoughts on a range of policy issues," which Jindal personally can only articulate up to a 3rd grade level.

[via Politico]

(Pic from 30 Rock web exclusive on Hulu)